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Ancient Roots Collective (ARC) is comprised of Bella Coola community members supporting the Nuxalk Stataltmc and the stewardship of the unceded lands of the Nuxalk people within the Great Bear Rainforest. The Stataltmc are the leaders of the Nuxalk ancestral government which has full jurisdiction over Nuxalkulmc (ancestral Nuxalk territory). The Stataltmc speak for their houses and, therefore, the Nuxalkmc (people of the Nuxalk Nation). Ancient Roots Collective is here to provide backgrounder information to the greater community to ensure the work of the Stataltmc is respected and realized.

"What happens in Nuxalkulmc impacts everyone on Earth; everything is interconnected."

- Staltmc Q'umulha, Rhonda Schooner

Nuxalkulmc Nuxalk green map.jpg

Nuxalkulmc (Nuxalk Ancestral Territory) is approximated on this map. Some of the rights to the areas may be shared with neighbouring nations, as is the nature of connections with family lineages. The area is in the so-called Great Bear Rainforest.

Our Goal

We follow the pathways set by the Stataltmc of Nuxalkulmc. Our goal is to raise awareness of the ongoing repression and injustice that face Nuxalkmc, the indigenous Peoples who have existed on these lands and waters since time immemorial. 

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Our Vision

Nuxalkmc have never surrendered, ceded or treatied their lands and, therefore, are the legal title holders. Our vision is the sovereign right of the Stataltmc to govern Nuxalk lands and waters be respected and upheld.

Our Committment

The work we do is for our Put'alt, those not yet born. The sacred responsibility of caretaking the lands and waters was handed down to Nuxalkmc through our ancestors by the Creator.​ 


"Smaw ti slq'ilh - One heart, one mind"

- Late Elder Simon Schooner